Friday, 24 August 2012

The Power of Gray

It seems that Gray is having a moment.

London has awoken to a dull, gray day, Vogue's fashion forecast is suggesting we wear Jil Sander coats in August, and Fifty Shades of Grey has gripped the nation for weeks. Personally, I find these facts rather depressing: give me sunshine over clouds any day; affording a Jil Sander coat is a distant dream when you're unemployed; and as an English graduate I would much prefer to read the romantic and classic Pride & Prejudice than the twisted and classless Fifty Shades.

However there is one Gray who can save this otherwise dreary day... Louise Gray and her vibrant new collection for Topshop!

Her collection offers an exciting explosion of wonderful colours, sequins, and glitter which guarantees to brighten any gray day! This collaboration has kicked against the up-and-coming trends of monochrome and baroque, and has offered fashionistas a fun alternative. Once again Topshop has created a triumphant partnership and is likely to revel in its success!

Will you be brave enough to try Gray's vivacious glittering collection? I dare you...

Love Lucy x

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