Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fashion Forward 2013

The British Fashion Council is one of the most supportive in the fashion industry. They are keen to foster talented UK based designers, who might not otherwise make it in a tough industry. Each year they award three designers a "Fashion Forward" grant to enable them to develop their collections and to establish themselves within the fashion world. Previous womenswear recipients of the grant include Erdem, Meadham Kirchhoff, and Mary Katrantzou - all of whom are continuing to wow the industry. This year's winners were announced on Thursday, and I must say that I'm incredibly excited about one particular recipient: David Koma.

Those of you who have read my blog since September will know that I attended the David Koma SS13  show at London Fashion Week. If you'd like to see my entry about the show then have a look: London Fashion Week: David Koma SS13

His SS13 was a truly stunning collection. His trademark contouring was perfection, his theme was energetic, and his colours bold. He is a designer that plays with shapes and structure, and this innovation has made him a truly deserved recipient of the BFC Fashion Forward grant. To see Vogue's photographs of his SS13 collection, click on the following link:

The BFC are obviously supportive of his work, and here are a few of my guesses as to why:








His collections have all been eccentric and exciting, however his SS13 was the most marketable yet. So with the Fashion Forward grant who knows where he could go next? Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be lucky enough to make it to the AW13 show, but I'll definitely be keeping a very close eye on the collection.

I wish David, and the other two recipients - Holly Fulton and Michael Van Der Ham - all the best of luck for their AW13 shows. 

What do you think David Koma's future holds?

Love Lucy x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Yesterday I finally found the time to go to Tim Walker's Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House, London. I'd been wanting to go since it opened in October, but hadn't found the time since starting a new job and generally doing too much! As soon as I walked into the first exhibition room I couldn't believe that I'd left it so long! His work is utterly captivating. I'll try to sum it up: he's like a child who has been tainted by the darkness of adulthood, and can perfectly translate his anxieties into mesmerising photographs, that are beautiful, intriguing and disturbing all-in-one.

I am often captivated by fashion photography; the photographs of legends such as Nick Knight, David Bailey, and Mario Testino regularly stir up emotions of wonder in me. However Walker is unique in his ability to both horrify and delight in one photograph. His photographs are not for the faint-hearted. He has a way of re-telling the whimsy of fairytales with a dark twist.

Story Teller combines his work from roughly the last 5 years all into one exhibition that barrages the mind. His photographs really make you think. And not only that, but there are crashed spitfires, delicate swan-boats, over-sized china dolls, and giant cello playing wasps interspersed amongst the photographs - props from his extravagant shoots. The photographs containing these props are so intricately put together, often tripping up the person studying them - they're designed to baffle and amaze, and they certainly manage to do so.

The exhibition also includes much more intimate photographs, such as Walker's iconic shot of Alexander McQueen with a skull. His portraiture work is truly fascinating, and the models in these photographs have done a magnificent job - Karlie Kloss, Vivienne Westwood, Helena Bonham Carter - to name a few. Walker has a way of capturing people with the most intriguing expressions. His work is truly unique. But, enough writing, take a look for yourself!

These photographs were just a few of my favourites (there were so many), but hopefully I have given you a flavour of what to expect from the exhibition. 

This exhibition is truly exhilarating, and perfectly celebrates the disturbed genius of Tim Walker. If you want to see it for yourself (which I highly recommend) you only have until next Sunday (27th January) as this is when it closes, so do get down to Somerset House as soon as you can! 

For more information visit the Somerset House website:

I hope I have offered you some Sunday inspiration!

Love Lucy x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Winter Beauty Secrets

The temperature in London right now is -1°c. It's cold, and it's only meant to get colder! This sort of weather is tough on your skin, hair and nails, so in the winter we need to spend that little extra time taking care of ourselves. You feel as though it's not worth it as you're constantly wrapping yourself up in coats, hats and gloves, but the more you look after yourself in the winter, the easier your routine will be to get ready for summer. Plus, if you know your skin feels nice under all those winter layers, you'll feel better in yourself on the outside. 

So here are my top 11 winter beauty secrets - all tried and tested over the years, and all ones which I totally rely on during these long winter months!

shea butter mango flower hand cream 

lemon butter cuticle creme

deep comfort body butter

tinted lip balm

flake away

take the heat 3-minute miracle

peppermint foot lotion

hard as nails with nylon

all about eyes

grapefruit facial scrub


Each of these products really are fantastic for fighting those winter beauty demons. I use the L'occitane hand cream every day (it's on my desk at work!) and it's really great for keeping my hands soft, whilst smelling delicious! A new edition to my beauty regime is the Clinique body butter, and I absolutely adore it! After exfoliating with the Soap & Glory Flake Away exfoliator I love to treat myself with the Clinique body butter - it's not too thick, not too thin, and feels amazing on my winter battered skin! The grapefruit facial scrub has been part of my skincare routine for at least a year now, and is perfect for brightening dull winter skin as well as maintaining a healthy glow in the summer. To look after my nails I make sure that all nail varnish is properly removed, and then I apply the Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle creme, which I let settle before applying a generous coating of the Sally Hansen strengthener. And Bio Oil should be a staple in any women's beauty regime - it's perfect for banishing unwanted scars and evening skin tone. 

So I hope that you manage to try some of these products, I really do recommend them all. My winter beauty regime has been tried and tested for a number of years now, and these are the products that have become my staples and life savers!

What are your top tips for staying soft and glowing over the winter months?

Love Lucy x

Monday, 14 January 2013

We Need To Talk About Cara

Cara Delevingne. The name that has the fashion world buzzing with excitement. The expression-filled face that is everywhere. The personality that bubbles over with a youthful vigour. There are even whispers that she will be, or already is, "The New Kate Moss". And as her friend Rihanna would say This Girl Is On Fire. Fashion Fire.

Needless to say Miss Delevingne has had a fortunate upbringing. She, along with her elder sisters Chloe and Poppy, attended prestigious boarding schools, and are friends with many an influential person from royalty to rockstar offspring. Her father is a "property man", and the girls enjoyed a luxurious upbringing in Belgravia, London. Not only was she born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she was also born with extraordinarily good genes and mile high legs!

But, to Cara's credit, where most people would rest on their diamond-crusted laurels, she's used her connections, good looks, and vivacious personality to her advantage, and has worked incredibly hard to prove herself in the ruthless world of fashion. She's fearless. And fashion loves fearless. She's not afraid to make a fool of herself, and I believe that's what makes her such a fantastic model with such a solid fan-base. Her Instagram is overflowing with goofy pictures which make you want to hang out with her, yet on the catwalk she transforms into a fierce creature who can carry any outfit.

She is even loved by Vogue - the ultimate seal of approval for any model wanting to make it. In the British February edition they released some incredible figures about her season - she walked in 38 shows, showcasing 54 different looks, spending an impressive four-and-a-half hours on the catwalk. No wonder she was named the British Fashion Council's Model of the Year.

She's become a regular in the Burberry campaigns and catwalk shows - some of my favourite "Cara" shoots - recently starring alongside Romeo Beckham. Take a peek at my favourite shot below, and also some of my other favourite "Cara" campaigns. 

These three campaigns are impressive feats for a 20-year-old model. She's shown she's versatile and willing to put the hard-yards in. However, the best is yet to come. The cover of the Spring/Summer edition of LOVE magazine was leaked on Instagram, and, you've guessed it, it's a picture of Cara on the front. I think it's her best yet. What do you think?

The issue is out on 4th February in the UK, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy to see the rest of the shoot. 

So, Miss Delevingne is doing pretty well for her young years! It's not even surprising that "la cara" in Spanish translates to "face" - she really is the face of the moment. 

Now all that's left to do is to wait and see how her career unfolds. What do you think Cara's future holds?

Love Lucy x

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Let's Get Physical

I like to workout. And as I said in my previous post I'm not just a January runner, I workout all year round. However that doesn't mean I don't struggle to motivate myself sometimes after a long hard day at work, when it's cold outside, or when I just feel too tired. I am considering changing my lifestyle to workout in the mornings, but it would take a while to train my body as I'm just not a morning person! One thing that may help motivate you (I know it does for me) is a new workout kit! Here are a few things on my list that I'd like to buy to help me want to get physical!


gel-enduro 8 w

The most important thing when planning to workout is making sure that you have a comfortable and supportive pair of trainers. I often see people running in flat shoes, such as converses, but these are actually really bad for your posture and are definitely just meant to be "fashion" trainers. Choose trainers which have a well-structured shape, and if you're not sure then just ask the shop assistant. 


sports jacket

It's pretty chilly in London at the moment, and I can't afford a gym pass, so I workout outside - this jacket would be perfect to keep me warm! I like the bright pink toggles and the metallic colour of this jacket - I may just have to take a trip to H&M!


10k run tight

I like to workout in leggings rather than baggy pants, I'm not quite sure why, I just find them more comfortable! I like to wear black ones as black is more slimming, and these ones are super cute with the fluro pink stripe down the side. 


shiny denim diagonal strap gym bag

If I do manage to save up for a gym pass I'll need a new gym bag, and this one from American Apparel would do perfectly! Again I love the metallic material used for this bag, it's fun and chic, but not expensive - which is ideal for a bag that I'd be leaving in a gym locker for long periods of time. 


sweet tee 2.0

The t-shirt would be great to workout in. I like the deep purple colour, and the stripes make it a less obvious workout tee. Also because it's dark it'll hide any sweat patches!


large sb water bottle

When taking part in any exercise it's vital that you stay hydrated. It'll improve your performance, but it'll also prevent you from feeling dizzy or weak during or after exercise. So why not hold your fluids in this cute pink water bottle from Sweaty Betty? 


purple ipod shuffle

At the beginning of this post I spoke about motivation, and what better way to motivate yourself than listening to some upbeat tunes? When I listen to music I definitely feel like the workout goes more quickly. I got this iPod shuffle for Christmas from my pops (with Lucy Victoria engraved on the back) and I've used it loads already! It's discreet and clips onto your clothing easily, and because it's not too expensive I don't feel nervous about taking it running with me. 


taken from ravingmaster youtube channel

I know this tune has been out for a few months, but I just love listening to it when I workout - it's upbeat (especially at the beginning) and really gets me in the mood to run!

I hope I have helped you gather some motivation to get out there and do some exercise. Even if you start with just walking it's really important to just get moving! As you'll probably know exercise release endorphins and endorphins make you happy! If you don't believe me, why not try it?

Love Lucy x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

January Wish List: Top Ten

Happy New Year to all! I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year, and are feeling refreshed enough to take on 2013 with appropriate vigour and enthusiasm! Personally I haven't made any "resolutions" as such - I already exercise regularly, I don't overindulge too often, and I quit smoking 7 months ago - however I have committed to generally improving my time-management so that I can improve on the foundations that are already there. Do you have any exciting resolutions for 2013?

January's Wish List is very much an actual Wish List, rather than a Shopping List, due to funds being incredibly low this month - however I still dare to dream! Evidently there are not many clothes on my list, as many of us are trying to shift those few extra pounds from the festive period, however I have included a trusty pair of jeans. The jeans are from Topshop and they're on the list as not only am I in desperate need of a new pair, but I have found Topshop jeans to be great for my shape and long-lasting.  The accessories, shoes and makeup I've included are fun and bright, and are ideal to cheer us up during the bleak January period - I know I need to shake off those January blues, and although it isn't everything in life, fashion is a good place to start!


two-tone crepe dress


leather apple keyring


double ring with bezel


henrietta galaxi ballet flats


moto vintage baxter jeans in mid stone


leather heart makeup pouch


latch crossover platforms


glitter sparkle eyeshadow


tie-dyed cotton-blend jersey sweatshirt


aqua glitter nail paint

So I hope that my January Wish List has given you some inspiration in what can often be a rather depressing month. The Bobbi Brown glitter sparkle eyeshadow was included as firstly it is gorgeous, but secondly Katie Holme's first campaign for Bobbi Brown was revealed today, so do be sure to check out the Vogue review:

What's on your January Wish List?

Love Lucy x

p.s. Please do continue to help my blog grow through 2013 - I really do appreciate all of your support! x