Wednesday, 27 March 2013

An Easter Weekend Idea: Simon Frederick Exhibition @ Gallery Different

Simon Frederick is a very talented photographer who is potentially on the brink of major recognition for his work. He has spent a number of years perfecting his work in Lisbon, but has now returned to London and is keen to mark his arrival with a (super cool) bang. His upcoming exhibition "My Mates at Work" is set to be a pivotal exhibition in his career, and will certainly mark his homecoming aptly. The exhibition will be showing at Gallery Different on Percy Street in London from Friday 29th March - Friday 5th April, so be sure to make the most of the Easter Weekend and make it a priority to go and see Simon's unique work.

The exhibition is packed full of portraits of the rich, famous, and industry giants (from various different industries). I am lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of some of the portraits that will be displayed at the exhibition, and there are some beautiful images of Johnnie Sapong (above - hairdresser to anyone who is anyone), Mark Powell (a well-respected tailor), David Adjaye (architect), Azzi Glasser (perfume designer extraordinaire), and David Harewood MBE (Actor). And two images that I am really looking forward to seeing are the portraits of Sadie Frost (actress) and Steve Lazarides (art dealer and curator). This truly is an exhibition not to be missed!

On the exclusive opening night, Simon and the gallery have very generously offered to support the charity that I work for - Street Child World Cup - and so I am incredibly excited to be attending the launch night to represent the charity. I'll be blogging all about the night after the Easter Weekend, but I just wanted to share the exhibition with you all in case you wanted to take advantage of our bank holidays that are coming up to go and see Simon's wonderful set of work. 

Let me know if you do manage to go along!

Love Lucy x

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Little Post About My New Shoes...

For a while I have been in desperate need of a new pair of shoes, so when I got given a Next voucher from a relative, I knew what I had to spend it on! The recent fashion addiction to sport luxe really appeals to my inner desire to be comfortable yet on-trend, so when I saw these leopard print hi top wedges I just knew I had to buy them...

leopard print panel concealed wedge hi tops

I wear a lot of black, so these wedges are the perfect accessory to jazz up my outfits. On Friday night I wore them with a black maxi dress, black jumper, and big gold jewellery, and they were the finishing touch to my outfit! I think they'll be fab in Spring, Summer, and Autumn, so I'm pretty confident that I've made a good investment. 

What do you think about my new shoes?

Love Lucy x

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The lovely blogger who nominated me said at the beginning of her post that she'd been nominated for this award, and had totally forgotten to post about it. This was quite a few weeks ago now, and ironically, although I haven't forgotten to post about the award, I have just been too busy at work to post about it! But I now have a few days off work, so I can finally catch up with myself!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Link back to your nominator
  2. Display the award logo
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
  4. Nomiate - and let them know

So, I would like to introduce the lovely Caroline of The Girl in the Yellow Dress blog. Caroline's blog gives a beautifully refreshing view on fashion and life - she loves to discover new things, and is incredibly supportive of others in the blogging community. Her blog is truly beautiful, and she often offers little life excerpts which make her readers smile.

Here is Caroline's link: - so please so check out her blog and support her.

7 Things About Me:

  1. I work for a Non-Govermental Organisation called Street Child World Cup. We believe that no child should have to live on the streets, and our tournament in Rio de Janeiro next March will provide a platform for the voices of street children from 20 different countries to be heard. To find out more visit: - this is a cause that I am truly passionate about, so I feel privileged to have such a job. 
  2. I really love to ski, and am excited to be going back out to the Alps for the Easter Weekend.
  3. I've done Hatha yoga for a couple of years, but in April I'm trying out hot yoga (not Bikram, just yoga in a hot room I think!) - so I'll let you all know how that goes!
  4. I really need a new pair of running trainers... I would love a pair of these Nike IDs...
  5. I have recently discovered Label.m dry shampoo and I just love it! I really recommend it!
  6. My favourite show at the February LFW has to be Burberry Prorsum - it was a beautiful collection, and I just loved Tom Odell's live performance of "Hold Me" (definitely the next big UK music star!)
  7. My next purchase will be the gorgeous new moochers by French Sole - they are just divine!
And the Nominees Are...

Francesa @ Frank Vinyl - for her gorgeous Bohemian style -

Nicole @ Nicole's Revolution - for her fun approach to all things fashion & beauty -

Laura @ Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish - for her truly wonderful and inspirational blog (especially wonderful for tasty healthy recipes and fashion bargains!) -

So please do support Caroline, Francesa, Nicole, and Laura for their inspirational and beautiful blogs!

Love Lucy x

Monday, 18 March 2013

My better-late-than-never review of London Fashion Weekend

I know London Fashion Weekend happened a few weekends ago now (between 21st-24th of February to be exact), but as I wrote in my last post, work has been ridiculously busy so I haven't had time to give my blog the love that I would like to.

LFWeekend is the commercial sister of London Fashion Week, and is held by Vodafone at Somerset House in London (the very same venue as LFW). It gives us mere mortals the chance to grab some great fashion bargains, whilst waltzing down the corridors of the glamorous Somerset House, followed by catwalk shows displaying either the upcoming trends of the next season, or showcasing a designer show from the previous fashion week.

This was my first LFWeekend experience, and I attended with my beautiful Mummy on the Saturday evening. We had tickets which allowed us into the shopping area for a few hours, and which also included entry to the designer showcase of the Issa SS13 collection, a Radley designed tote show bag, and the latest copy of Elle Magazine. I wore a rather adventurous leopard print coat from Karen Millen, with black jeans, and my black Topshop Chelsea boots (you can read my post about those boots here).

The closest I'll ever get to the catwalk!

My Mum and I had a great time browsing all of the pop-up mini shops in the rooms of Somerset House. There were some beautiful clothes and accessories on offer, mostly bang on trend for the coming season. Unfortunately we didn't quite have enough time to make it to the beauty section, but it did look great, with hair cuts from Toni & Guy on offer! There was also a room dedicated to the launch of the Marc Jacobs Diet Coke illustrations, to mark 30 years of Diet Coke.

After our little shopping session we got in line to watch the Issa SS13 collection go down the catwalk. Excitingly these shows are in the same show space as the LFW ones in the Somerset House courtyard, so it really is a great way of experiencing the fashion industry. 

I was delighted to be watching the Issa SS13 collection as it is based on the vibrancy and exoticness of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as tt made me that little bit more excited about going to Rio next March/April! Daniella Helayel is of course Brazilian, so what better theme for a collection than her native country?

The music echoed carnivale and the rainforest, the clothes were bright and billowy, and the headdresses were reminiscent of the exotic flowers and birds that can be found in Brazil. It was an exciting show to say the least. I just loved the colours and the excitement. To view the original show photos, as archived in Vogue, please click here.

One important thing that I learnt from LFWeekend (and that I had failed at rather miserably the week before at LFW), was how to better capture photographs of fast moving models! The lighting on catwalks actually makes it rather tricky to catch that perfect photograph (unless of course you are a Vogue photographer and have years of experience and thousands of pounds worth of equipment!). 

I really did enjoy my LFWeekend experience (thank you Vodafone!) - and think it's really important for these commercial shows to take place; yes, fashion is often described as "exclusive" but actually more recently it is becoming more "inclusive" and is gaining a lot of inspiration from the hight street itself, so consumer shows like LFWeekend are vital for the industry to show its fans that they are valued. 

Love Lucy x

Monday, 11 March 2013

March Wish List: Top Ten

So, it's been a little while since I've posted. I've not forgotten about my beloved blog, I have just been ridiculously busy at work! As I work in events the nature of my job is that it comes and goes in waves; and unfortunately I nearly drowned in my wave on numerous occasions over the last few weeks! But thankfully I have finally found the time to write my latest post, and I must say I am rather excited about this one...

As you may have noticed from most of my posts, I often like to play it quite safe; but recent goings-on in the industry have inspired me to be a little more adventurous! The items I have chosen this month are all very "in vogue" with the current fashion fascination of luxe sportswear - inspired by the likes of Queen Delevingne (whose t-shirt I wanted to include in this post, but unsurprisingly they have all sold out, however it has been replaced with another amazing slogan tee saying "totes jel of my Chanel?" - if only I actually had a Chanel!). So without further ado, here are my top ten items for March:


moochers in black dalmatian and ponyhair, with a glitter toe-cap, and neon green trim


combination jacket with zips


The Grand Prix leather-paneled twill leggings-style jeans


lilac metallic 13" satchel


side split tee maxi dress


0734 fuchsia


metallic leather trench in metal petrol blue


croc makeup bag in black


totes jel of my Chanel? tee


knitted fluro twist jumper

My mood for March is definitely relaxed with a twist of fun. What with all the gloomy weather in London at the moment, we certainly need a few fun (and warm!) items to cheer us up!

What is on your March wish list?

Love Lucy x