Friday, 22 March 2013

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The lovely blogger who nominated me said at the beginning of her post that she'd been nominated for this award, and had totally forgotten to post about it. This was quite a few weeks ago now, and ironically, although I haven't forgotten to post about the award, I have just been too busy at work to post about it! But I now have a few days off work, so I can finally catch up with myself!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Link back to your nominator
  2. Display the award logo
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
  4. Nomiate - and let them know

So, I would like to introduce the lovely Caroline of The Girl in the Yellow Dress blog. Caroline's blog gives a beautifully refreshing view on fashion and life - she loves to discover new things, and is incredibly supportive of others in the blogging community. Her blog is truly beautiful, and she often offers little life excerpts which make her readers smile.

Here is Caroline's link: - so please so check out her blog and support her.

7 Things About Me:

  1. I work for a Non-Govermental Organisation called Street Child World Cup. We believe that no child should have to live on the streets, and our tournament in Rio de Janeiro next March will provide a platform for the voices of street children from 20 different countries to be heard. To find out more visit: - this is a cause that I am truly passionate about, so I feel privileged to have such a job. 
  2. I really love to ski, and am excited to be going back out to the Alps for the Easter Weekend.
  3. I've done Hatha yoga for a couple of years, but in April I'm trying out hot yoga (not Bikram, just yoga in a hot room I think!) - so I'll let you all know how that goes!
  4. I really need a new pair of running trainers... I would love a pair of these Nike IDs...
  5. I have recently discovered Label.m dry shampoo and I just love it! I really recommend it!
  6. My favourite show at the February LFW has to be Burberry Prorsum - it was a beautiful collection, and I just loved Tom Odell's live performance of "Hold Me" (definitely the next big UK music star!)
  7. My next purchase will be the gorgeous new moochers by French Sole - they are just divine!
And the Nominees Are...

Francesa @ Frank Vinyl - for her gorgeous Bohemian style -

Nicole @ Nicole's Revolution - for her fun approach to all things fashion & beauty -

Laura @ Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish - for her truly wonderful and inspirational blog (especially wonderful for tasty healthy recipes and fashion bargains!) -

So please do support Caroline, Francesa, Nicole, and Laura for their inspirational and beautiful blogs!

Love Lucy x


  1. Love the 7 seven things about you!

  2. Thank you Caroline, and thank you for nominating me!

    Love Lucy x

  3. Thanks for the nomination, I'm honoured! xxx