Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Yesterday I finally found the time to go to Tim Walker's Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House, London. I'd been wanting to go since it opened in October, but hadn't found the time since starting a new job and generally doing too much! As soon as I walked into the first exhibition room I couldn't believe that I'd left it so long! His work is utterly captivating. I'll try to sum it up: he's like a child who has been tainted by the darkness of adulthood, and can perfectly translate his anxieties into mesmerising photographs, that are beautiful, intriguing and disturbing all-in-one.

I am often captivated by fashion photography; the photographs of legends such as Nick Knight, David Bailey, and Mario Testino regularly stir up emotions of wonder in me. However Walker is unique in his ability to both horrify and delight in one photograph. His photographs are not for the faint-hearted. He has a way of re-telling the whimsy of fairytales with a dark twist.

Story Teller combines his work from roughly the last 5 years all into one exhibition that barrages the mind. His photographs really make you think. And not only that, but there are crashed spitfires, delicate swan-boats, over-sized china dolls, and giant cello playing wasps interspersed amongst the photographs - props from his extravagant shoots. The photographs containing these props are so intricately put together, often tripping up the person studying them - they're designed to baffle and amaze, and they certainly manage to do so.

The exhibition also includes much more intimate photographs, such as Walker's iconic shot of Alexander McQueen with a skull. His portraiture work is truly fascinating, and the models in these photographs have done a magnificent job - Karlie Kloss, Vivienne Westwood, Helena Bonham Carter - to name a few. Walker has a way of capturing people with the most intriguing expressions. His work is truly unique. But, enough writing, take a look for yourself!

These photographs were just a few of my favourites (there were so many), but hopefully I have given you a flavour of what to expect from the exhibition. 

This exhibition is truly exhilarating, and perfectly celebrates the disturbed genius of Tim Walker. If you want to see it for yourself (which I highly recommend) you only have until next Sunday (27th January) as this is when it closes, so do get down to Somerset House as soon as you can! 

For more information visit the Somerset House website:

I hope I have offered you some Sunday inspiration!

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  2. I just spent about 10 minutes looking through those pics! What a wonderful exhibition.

  3. These are absolutely enchanting!

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