Thursday, 23 April 2015

Strawberry, Cashew & Coconut Bliss Balls

To me being Beautifully Healthy most definitely involves treating yourself from time-to-time. And it’s even better when those treats are homemade and (dare-I-say-it) good for you… These little Strawberry, Cashew & Coconut babies are the perfect treat for weekends, with a cup of green tea, post-work out, or for no reason at all other than they taste insanely good. Seriously, they are delicious (my boyfriend will confirm that if anyone has any doubts!), and they’re also full of energy, super quick to make, no-bake, and only require 6 ingredients! So whatcha waiting for? Grab the ingredients and get whizzing!


1 cup of cashew nuts
½ cup of dried strawberries
6-8 sticky dates (preferably medjool as they’re super sticky!)
Vanilla extract
Sea salt
Desiccated coconut


1. Use a blender to grind up the cashew nuts so that they’re almost like a powder…
2. Add the dates to the cashews and blend some more…
3. Add the vanilla extract, sea salt and dried strawberries and blend again!
4. Once all of the ingredients are properly mixed together roll them into a ball size of your choice and roll in desiccated coconut
5. Pop them in the fridge to harden slightly (or straight into your mouth!)
6. Enjoy the nutty, strawberry, coconut goodness feeling guilt-free and utterly content! 

I found this amazing little recipe on Pinterest via the blog, and the original recipe uses freeze dried strawberries instead of normal dried strawberries. I’m sure her way is better, however I’ve not yet been able to find freeze dried strawbs in any supermarkets or health stores near me so went ahead and used the normal ones. As far as I’m concerned the recipe still works with the normal dried ones, although I think they’re a little stickier than they would be with freeze dried ones, hence I decided to roll mine in desiccated coconut to reduce the stickiness and also because I freakin’ love coconut with almost anything!

So this weekend if there’s one treat you whip up in the kitchen why not try these little balls of bliss? I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Namaste y’all!

Love Lucy x

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