Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Dear World, what the f*ck is happening?

Dear World,

What the f*ck is happening? Sorry to begin this letter in such a blunt and rude way, but I just don’t understand how we have arrived at the point we have.

Terror attacks are almost a daily occurrence. Syrian refugees are destitute, some even dying. Innocent people are being ruthlessly murdered ALL over the world. Hate is spreading like wild fire in America. The European Union is breaking up. People are killed in favelas on a daily basis, usually as a result of drug trafficking. Nigerian girls have been kidnapped and many haven’t been seen since. Millions of children live on the streets in many different countries. Young black males and policemen are being killed in America. The gay community have been targeted, some murdered, whilst out enjoying their lives as all are entitled to do. And that is only to mention a tiny fraction of the HUMAN inflicted terror and pain that is being suffered by millions. There are so many more cases…more than I can even bear to imagine…World, how has it come to this?

World, those of us who have (so far) come out unscathed “can’t imagine” what it would be like to be caught up in such a scenario. We say “how awful” and then separate ourselves from it by banking it in the “news” section of our brain…of course this is a defence mechanism - to take in and to properly feel the depths of grief in each situation would most likely destroy us.

There is so much darkness. So much hatred. World: we so often feel helpless.

Because of you World, whether we like it or not we are intricately and inextricably linked with one another and with everything around us. Any decent human responds to these events with a feeling of sadness and empathy to varying degrees. I myself know I feel these things all too deeply. Right to my core. I have more of an understanding of what Ram Dass said than I really wish to at this current time: “We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another”.

The beauty of you, World, is that you are full of unique beings, all with freewill to live how they choose – but not all have the freedom to do so. Terror and hate are prevalent even in the most “developed” societies. All beings should be entitled to religious freedom, equal rights, and basic human rights of safety, shelter, food, water, education and opportunity. So why is this not the case?

World, how can we cure ourselves of the disease of hatred? I personally believe the only way is through TOLERANCE, RESPECT, and LOVE. These three things will breed peace, harmony and a better world for all.

I am so lucky to know so many beautiful people who bring such light and love into this world. Among them are atheists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, agnostics, yogis, people of all races and people of all sexual orientations. They have suffered, they have been through hardships, they have been discriminated against. And yet all these people have continued to bring TOLERANCE, RESPECT, and LOVE into the world on a daily basis. World, we need people like this to continue what they are doing, and to amplify it as loudly as they possibly can. It is through these people that you will heal, World.

If you are reading this and you are one of those people – someone filled with love, but feeling bruised and helpless after recent events – do not give up! You are the light in the darkness. The World needs YOU to shine that light brighter than you ever have before.

And World, I’m not calling on these people to travel to refugee camps, to go in search of kidnapped girls in Africa, or to give up everything to help children on the streets (yes, some AMAZING people will and are doing this, but it’s not for everyone), but what I am calling on every decent person to do is to spread TOLERANCE, RESPECT and LOVE wherever you go. To start small, to show love on a daily basis whenever possible – even a smile at a stranger is a good place to begin – and to continue loving the sh*t out of everyone you meet wherever you go. You may not feel as though you’re doing much, but a tiny drop in the ocean can make big ripples. Be the helping hand to someone who is being marginalised. If you see someone being racist or sexist, SAY something (calmly and without putting yourself in danger – but try not to just sit back).

World, I know something more than this must be done. But I feel this is a good place to start. And I don’t have any further solutions at this moment in time. Things cannot stay as they are. So many of us cannot bear it any longer. Show us a way to come together. Let people with good ideas speak up and help to UNITE us. Let people who are spreading hate have their hearts changed through love.

World, we are heartbroken. Let’s help to heal each other.

Love & light,

Lucy x

P.S. I am aware this post may not seem directly related to health & wellbeing, but my soul is aching and my heart is broken. And it’s not just about us as individuals being healthy and well, but it’s about the world as a whole being healthy and well – in every sense of the word. My work as a yoga teacher is not just to teach people movements, it is to help show them the light that is within them, and to encourage them to shine brightly in this world. And this is very much what I hope this post will do. We all have so much good within us, but sometimes it becomes hidden, distorted and diseased. As a yogi I cannot sit back and watch the world be consumed by hatred. Love will always win, and I am on Love’s side, so must fight a Love-filled fight.

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