Sunday, 30 September 2012

There's Something About Burberry

I love fashion. It excites me. But every now and again a fashion house creates something so spectacularly special, that to call my feelings excitement would be an understatement. This month Burberry has given me an indescribable buzz that I just can't seem to shake off (it doesn't help that I work 200 metres from the newly renovated Regents Street flagship!) Fashion is constantly pushing boundaries and conquering new territory, but Burberry smashes these boundaries, and is consistently miles ahead of any other fashion house in terms of innovation. For Burberry, fashion is about creating a unique and modern way of life, whilst keeping British classics at the forefront of their campaigns. They relentlessly pursue the possibilities of fashion, whilst not forgetting their heritage; and what is most impressive is that they pull it off with seeming ease and that certain ultra-cool attitude that only Burberry can exude.

If you don't believe me then simply have a look at their newly renovated flagship on Regents Street, London. They took the concept of a traditionally luxurious store and added modernity through cleverly utilised technology. The glorious pompous ceilings, the grand theatre-like staircases, and the beautifully crafted chandeliers, are edgily contrasted by digitally created thunderstorms, fitting rooms with screens which show pieces on the catwalk, and a large screen which is capable of live-streaming catwalk shows from around the globe.

The brand describes the store as 'future-proof', and it is obvious as to why. It has that untouchable British Burberry atmosphere, created by clashing the grandeur of old with the technology of now. Another deliciously tempting aspect of the store is that it is the only place where you can pick up pieces from their exclusive Regents Street collection. The collection is modeled by Burberry's golden girl, Cara Delevigne, and the pieces are quite simply exquisite.

A September blog post on Burberry would not be complete without mentioning their thrilling Burberry Prorsum SS13 collection which was shown at London Fashion Week. I watched the show online, and by the end of it I was simply stunned into silence. Normally when I watch a show I am busy making notes and internally commenting on each outfit, but watching the Burberry Prorsum SS13 show unfold, all I could do was gawp in amazement. I really cannot find the words to explain how I felt about the show; it was just stunning, and glowed with that special Burberry magic that no other brand can seem to touch. Yes, it is one of the more commercial brands in the industry, but Christopher Bailey makes commercial delightfully luxurious and awe-inspiring. The closing moments of the show where the crowds were treated to visuals of a model-parade-shaped-rainbow created a very special fashion moment. My eyes didn't quite know where to look, but the overall affect was absolutely beautiful. Here are some of my favourite looks (although it is impossible to choose):

Burberry are definitely my brand of the month - no mean feat considering that this September has been one of the most exciting in the history of fashion. It seems that something is stirring in the fashion industry - a feeling that fashion is growing - and Burberry are certainly leading the way in this fashion revolution!

Love Lucy x

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