Sunday, 11 November 2012

The London BVLGARI Hotel: A Review of the Ballroom

I'm not the sort of person who usually mingles with wealthy bankers at flashy events, however last Wednesday I was invited to attend a retail dinner hosted by Deutsche Bank at the new Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

The reason for my invitation was that the annual dinner is hosted not only for retailers and analysts to mix, but also to raise money for a charity - this year it was Street Child World Cup - and my new job is as the Events Manager for this innovative charity. We are a street children's rights charity, who want to make the voices of street children from all over the world be heard through the vehicle of football, and are extremely grateful to Deutsche for being chosen as their charity at this years dinner.

My first impression of the Bulgari hotel was that it is extremely suave and tailored more to male tastes. It's a no-frills affair, with sleek, and possibly harsh, interior design. However, there is no doubt that it is impressive (especially to one who doesn't often experience such places!). The ambiance of the hotel echoed the exclusiveness of its jewellery, which was displayed in pristine cabinets in the lobby, making me extremely envious of anyone who can afford such pieces!

From the doorman, to the waiters, to the hosts, all of the staff were extremely helpful and attentive (slightly over zealous at times - especially with the canap├ęs!). I did, however find it difficult to tell where the lavatories are, as the walls and doors seemed to blend into one! When I eventually found them they were luxurious and gleaming, I just wish they were easier to find!

Our evening was spent on the Ballroom level, and room perfect for larger functions. It's a striking space. The minimalist walls are complimented by a few statement pieces, such as the impressive, Bulgari designed chandeliers in the main dining room.

Aside from the exposure received for Street Child World Cup, my favourite aspect of the evening was definitely the food. It was absolutely delicious - compliments to the chef! The starter was cheese ravioli, the main was a perfect steak, and dessert was a delicious selection of tiramisu, macaroons, and truffles (of which I ate far too many!). 

So, although many of us mere mortals will never be able to afford to actually stay at the Bulgari hotel (with prices starting from £588 per night it is the most expensive place to stay in London), I would advise going to eat in the restaurant, just to get a feel for the high life! Prices for food in the restaurant are not too extortionate - just be careful what you drink. 

A huge thank you to Deutsche for supporting Street Child World Cup - your generous donations will make a huge difference to street children from all over the world. If you would like to find out more about the charity then please visit, and if you want to help then please become a supporter!

Your support would mean a lot to us! 

Love Lucy x 


  1. Wow, I hope you had an extremely successful event and gained lot of exposure for such a good charity! That hotel does look amazing, definitely worth saving up for...hmmm, maybe one day!

  2. Hope you have had a great time at the event and that the charity will receive even more support.

    x Angie

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