Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Why I love my Chelsea boots...

I love my Topshop Chelsea boots.

I know that Chelsea boots are nothing new to the fashion world, but I think they deserve a mention every now and again. Of course they come in all colours, shapes and sizes, but I'm going to share with you why I love mine in particular!

They are nothing remarkable, but they are are a trustworthy staple, and I could not do without them!

Firstly, they make my feet look smaller, and being a UK size 7, this is never a bad thing. The slight heel gives me that extra bit of height - which at 5'9" isn't completely necessary, but as Tesco like to remind us, "Every Little Helps". Even the smallest of heels makes us girls feel that touch more glamourous; which makes them the perfect shoe for a busy London lifestyle, where I often have to go from day to night without first going home. Furthermore as the heel is not too high, they are also suitable for walking rather long distances, which is also useful when living in a city.


This is a rather simple post, for a rather simple shoe, but sometimes simplicity is the key to an outfit.

Thank you Topshop for such a reliable, yet stylish boot!

What are your must have boots?

Love Lucy x


  1. Those are a great. Hey, a staple is a staple and those are so necessary in our closets. I don't think we give enough credit to those go to pieces.

  2. Hi beautiful!

    I think that this post is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

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  3. hi honey!!!
    such a wonderful style..I´m fall in love with it =P

  4. love them! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  5. they are great all round boots!!