Sunday, 16 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is shoes!

Apologies for the cheesy title - after making a huge dent in my Christmas shopping yesterday I am now thoroughly in festive mode! With just over a week to go until that magical day, I'm sure you all gave Santa your Christmas lists a long time ago, but if not then take a cheeky peek at my favourite festive footwear!


black gem slippers

I actually bought these gorgeous sparkly slippers a few weeks ago, and they've become my party season staple. They're fun but comfortable, and are perfect for wearing to evenings where you'll want to dance the night away! One thing I would say is to try-before-you-buy as I have never had to buy a smaller shoe size, but with these I had to go one size down (from UK 7 to UK 6). I would definitely recommend these shimmering shoes to any girl who loves to look smart, but still wants the comfort.


kitty embroidered heel

I adore these heels! I loved the slipper version, and these are just as cute. I love kittens, all things gold, and luscious velvet - and these shoes have them all in one! I haven't tried them on yet, so I can't comment on how comfortable they are, but they are so gorgeous that I wouldn't care!


black orchid-dry boots

Everyone needs a good winter boot, and these are simply divine. Russell & Bromley make some truly gorgeous boots, so it's difficult to choose their most fabulous pair, but these ones are incredibly well-made and luxuriously beautiful that they definitely top my list. 

So there you have it, my shoes for all Christmas occasions!

Keep dancing!

Love Lucy x

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  1. Nah! It's a great title! I would love to get lots and lots of shoes for Christmas.