Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Off to the mountains...

On Friday I'm off to my favourite place - our house in the French Alps. I've been a skier since the age of two, I've done a ski season in Courchevel, France, and I just can't get enough of powder, vin chaud, and après ski! So I thought I'd share my skiing outfit with my lovely followers! It's a bit more niche than normal, but I really wanted to share my passion with you all - I'll do an après ski post tomorrow to widen the appeal for those of you who'd rather dream of fondues, sleigh rides, and open fires! 


black ski jacket from the SNO range

I bought this jacket the other day in preparation for my holiday, and I can't wait to test it out on the slopes! I've been looking for a black belted jacket with a fur hood for a while now, and it was actually surprisingly difficult, so I was happy to come across this beautiful item in Topshop. I just hope it's warm enough! 


yellow diedre salopettes

These aren't my exact salopettes, but they're close enough. I love mixing these loud yellow trousers with my black jacket, just to brighten up my look. In a snowstorm it's also useful to wear something bright so you don't get lost! 


grey helmet

When it comes to extreme sports I'm a firm believer in safety first. I have quite an exciting story about falling off a cliff, and ever since then I wouldn't dare ski without a helmet. They may not be the most flattering accessory, but if it'll protect you, then it's definitely worth investing in one!


seth morrison signature series airbrake snow goggles

I don't actually own these goggles, but I'd like to! I love the colours and the orange lens, and as they're Oakley they're guaranteed to be of the best quality.


geisha twin-tip skis

I got these skis for my birthday in June (a seasonal gift!) and simply cannot wait to try them out! I love the girly pattern and purples, and I just hope they're good to ski on! 

So there's a glimpse into my skiing wardrobe. I hope it's been interesting to both those who like skiing, and those who know little about it, but if not do check back tomorrow for my après ski suggestions!

Love Lucy x

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  1. Oh your holiday time just seems fantastic, it's like you could be in a wonderful French film!!!