Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fusing Fashion & Philanthropy: Wild Soul Sunglasses

As my regular readers will know, I usually stick to blogging about British fashion and British events; however I received a Press Release last week that got me excited. It was about a new brand of US sunglasses by Wild Soul, and as the title suggests, they have found a wonderful way to fuse fashion and philanthropy. As someone who fills up their spare time with fashion, but spends their life working for a charity, this was an idea that I immediately fell in love with. I often feel guilty when I sit at work learning about children who live and work on the streets, and then go home to write my blog, posting up pictures of items that can cost +£1,000. Although simply buying a product that donates a proportion to the buyer's chosen charity is only a small way of supporting those less fortunate, it is still a small way which shows that some people in fashion do care.

Wild Soul Sunglasses
Black Owls
$100 USD

Wild Soul Sunglasses launched in November 2012 by Marc Battipaglia and Andrea S Beker, who say: "Wild Soul was created on the premise that there are causes greater than our own that can and must be supported. We are dedicated to giving supporters of Wild Soul a platform to help the causes that are close to their heart." Such an ethos is encouraging in an industry that can often be thought of as shallow and self-peserving, and I really hope that their refreshing attitude is rewarded by fashion lovers. 

Wild Soul Sunglasses
Tortoise Owls
$100 USD

Wild Soul Sunglasses are individually named after untamed animals, such as the Lion, the Owl, the Elephany and the Rhino, helping customers to be "wild" whilst helping them "fulfil their soul", giving a portion of each sale to a charity of the customer's choice. Each pair of sunglasses are meticulously crafter after the intricate features of the animal whose name they carry, and are available in several rich and earthy colours using quality materials. 

Wild Soul Sunglasses
Spotted Ivory Lions
$100 USD

These gorgeously made, super-cool sunglasses are perfect for those of us who love our fashion and want to give something back to the world at the same time. Marc and Andrea have successfully bridged the gap between fashionistas and philanthropists worldwide, affirming that there is a little Wild in everyone's Soul. My only question is, when will they be available in the UK? 

Love Lucy x

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  1. I love when brands are socially conscious! These shades look great!