Thursday, 18 April 2013

Simon Frederick: a photographer you should know about!

On March 27th I wrote a post about an upcoming portraiture exhibition by photographer Simon Frederick. You can read that post here. So I went to the opening night of the exhibition titled "My Mates @ Work", and it was a real privilege to be one of the first to view such an impressive body of work.

The atmosphere was uber-chilled, but you could also feel an overwhelming buzz of excitement amongst the attendees. Most importantly of all, every person in the exhibition room could not move away from the walls; they were fixated by Simon's work. He has an incredibly rare gift. He's able to capture that part of his subjects that they thought were hidden, or that they didn't even know existed, making them feel totally at ease to reveal their inner-most personality on film. The portraits speak for themselves, so take a look at the below pictures to see Simon's refreshing work for yourself.

Mark Powell
bespoke tailor

Trevor Nelson MBE
DJ and presenter

James Barnor
professional photographer

fashion designer

Jason Jules
style consultant

Gil Carvalho
shoe designer

David Adjaye OBE

Highlights of the evening included Mark Powell standing proudly by his portrait for the entire evening, meeting the delightful Peter Howarth from the band The Hollies, and being in the same room as Sadie Frost!

Watch this brilliant video to get a feel for the night, and to hear from Simon and his "Mates @ Work". And have a read of this Daily Mail article to see Sadie Frost standing next to her beautiful portrait at the opening night.

Unfortunately the exhibition has now closed. However there may be another opportunity to see this wonderful collection of portraits in June... stay tuned!

What do you think of Simon's collection? Be sure to like his page on Facebook!

Love Lucy x


  1. I love portraits so much, they are such great stories just waiting to be told!

  2. Hi! Great blog, full of interesting things and pics. Step by me if you have time, we might follow each other!